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One of the main goals in parenting is to help the little ones become independent. Such a task is not easy to manage, but teaching them about giving and asking for directions puts the parents one step closer to the final goal. With this, they get to know how to move around thus becoming more confident about themselves. 

When learning how to give directions to a location, kids also practice some valuable skills such as how to navigate the town and, of course, city vocabulary. It's important to take baby steps while teaching this topic, starting first with moving left or right, or up and down.

After this is advisable to talk about directions vocabulary such as roundabouts or sidewalks, and common expressions for giving and asking for directions in English like "turn left" or "go straight". By doing this they'll be able to start making more precise sentences to communicate their thoughts. 

Here you'll find information related to this topic, and also useful phrases to give and ask for directions. Remember to practice the prepositions , which are also used when giving directions in English.

Giving directions in English

Go straight - Giving Directions

go straight

Go straight on Main Street. 

Turn left -Giving Directions

turn left

Turn left on the supermarket.

Turn right - Giving Directions

turn right

Turn right on the next corner.

Go past - Giving Directions

go past

Go past the cinema and you'll find the library.

Cross - Giving Directions


If you cross the street, you'll find a bookstore there!

go along

Go along the main road until you find the gas station.

around the corner

The museum is just around the corner.;


You can find the coffee shop between the office building and the movie theater. 


There's a nice park behind the parking lot.

turn back / go back

If you get to the bridge, you went too far, you'll have to turn back.

go down

Go down the hill and you'll find the entrance to the park.

go over

To get to the building, you have to go over the walkway.

go through 

Take a shortcut to the school going through the park.

go up

Go up the hill and you'll find the bus stop.

in front of

The market is in front of the City Hall.


My school is beside a small park.


I live near the forest.

Asking for directions in English

Excuse me, where is the...?

Excuse me, how do I get to...?

Excuse me, is there a ______ near here?

How do I get to...? 

What's the way to...?

Where is _____ located?

Directions Vocabulary

Roundabout -Giving Directions


Sidewalk - Giving Directions


Zebra crossing - Giving Directions

zebra crossing

Traffic lights - Giving Directions

traffic lights














country road

exit ramp







Giving Directions Printable Flashcards

Flashcards: giving directions

To further practice the vocabulary for giving directions, remember to check the names of places in town and also the different parts of a building . Let's keep learning!


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