English prepositions can be a tricky topic for kids to learn, but their importance makes them a priority in the kids' learning process.

Prepositions are short words that usually come before nouns and, sometimes, also before gerund verbs. These words never change their spelling and they are the ones that connect the different parts of the sentence.

The importance of teaching preposition words to children resides in the fact that they mark the relationships between persons, objects, and locations. By using them correctly, young learners will significantly improve their communication skills since prepositions will help them put their vocabulary together in order to structure more complex sentences that could represent their thoughts and ideas more clearly.

To help young children learn the prepositions in English, parents must involve them in the process of learning with games and activities aimed to naturally incorporate these new words and their uses into their vocabulary. Here you'll find some useful tips to help your kids learn the prepositions. 

Prepositions in English:

Prepositions in English - Under




Prepositions in English - On


Preposition in English - Next to / Beside

next to / beside

Prepositions in English - In / Inside

in / inside

Prepositions in English - By


Prepositions in english - Between


Prepositions in English - Behind


Prepositions in English - At


Prepositions in English - Among



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