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The English App for Kids

Billy wants to build a robot for the contest and Cowy wants to spice it up… What could go wrong?

Lingokids is an English learning app for kids ages 2-8. We believe in the power of learning while having fun! Our approach is game-based and interactive, and our content is 100% kid safe. We’re also a resource for parents to learn alongside their children. However, Lingokids is more than just a learning tool. It’s an experience that brings families together! Enjoy this animated series with your child and join the ride!

The Robot Contest

The Lingokids characters are starting a new adventure. This time, Billy the Chick has a goal in mind: to enter the most important robot contest in town! Billy has decided he’s going to be the one to build the smartest, strongest, and most advanced robot. He’s got his eyes on the first place prize! His cute and creative friend Cowy is right there to help… but she might have a few ideas of her own.

This robot contest will go down in history as one of the best ever. Watch to find out what happens!

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

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