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Prepositions can be taught in many ways. One of these is by using printable activities so children can color and associate the names of prepositions to their meanings. In this printable, you'll find a coloring page where the little ones have to paint Ricky Raccoon in different settings. After, they can practice writing as they trace the names of these prepositions in English : in - inside - among - next to - between - up - down

There's also another important section on this printable which is very useful for kids. In this section, there's a number of useful phrases in English to learn prepositions, from sentences like "Go sit next to Grandma. ", to questions ideas for encouraging the little ones to use propositions as an answer, such as "Where are your socks? ". This way, you'll make sure they learn this subject in the most natural way.

All of these exercises are complemented with songs, book recommendations and activities related to the topic. These are designed for children to learn prepositions in English in a fun, engaging way. 

Find the coloring sheet and exercises about prepositions by clicking here and let's have some fun while learning!

Prepositions: in – inside – among – next to – between – up - down