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There are many different animals in the world, and most likely kids will be eager to learn about them all! It's great to not only teach children about the importance of domestic animals but also to instill a love for all animals in them. 

In this printable, you'll find several activities about North Pole animals for kids so they can learn a bit more about them. The coloring sheet has several drawings of North Pole animals for kids, and each one has their names below. This way kids can practice spelling and recognizing the names of North Pole animals

You'll also find several useful phrases to practice with your little ones about North Pole animals which can be put in practice in your next visit to the zoo, this way they'll widen their vocabulary in the most natural way. 

All the exercises here are complemented with songs, book recommendations and other activities related to the topic also included in the printable.

Find the coloring sheet and exercises by clicking here and let's have some fun while learning!

North pole printable activities