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Does your little one want to be an astronaut when he or she grows up? Or maybe an artist? From a young age, the little ones are always daydreaming about what type of job they’ll do when they grow up, and the options are many! In these jobs printable activities, the little ones will get to practice several skills that are really helpful to their development process as they learn about interesting jobs and professions.

Before you introduce these printable worksheets to your little one, it would be a great idea to talk to them about the different jobs there are. Where do most people work? In big cities or small neighborhoods? What types of jobs does your little ones know? It would be a great idea to help them recognize that the postman’s job -the person who brings the mail- is to make sure that all correspondence to a person is delivered timely and effectively, and that this is a very important task in a community. You can also talk about some less known jobs such as inventors, discoverers and explorers, which will help them start understanding that are many different types of workplaces and career paths to choose from.

During childhood, when the little ones are starting to understand about jobs and professions, there’s a moment when almost every kid wants to be an explorer when they grow up! After all, explorers get to discover new, awesome places; they get to meet new cultures; solve mysteries, and travel around the world non-stop! Being an explorer sure sounds fascinating! This printable is a great way to introduce the little ones know more about these awesome, and less known jobs, and to learn about all the different type of explorers there are.

But, what type of explorers are there? There’s so many different and interesting places in earth, that we need different types of workers for them! In this printable you’ll find six different types of explorers with fascinating jobs: sailors, whose place of work are boats and ships and are in charge of different tasks like maintenance and sailing; mountain climber, which are in charge of teaching other aspiring climbers and also go on scientific expeditions and explorations; diver, who is a person that works underwater conducting different experiments or doing research; ship captain, who is the person in charge of a ship or boat, and also takes care of the crew and passengers of said vessel; pilot, the person in charge of flying an airplane or helicopter; and train engineer, who is the person in charge of checking and also operating the trains.

Your little one can learn about these jobs as they color the different images for each type of explorer, and also they can practice their writing skills as they trace their names. After this, you can help your little one practice this new English vocabulary through some fun English songs for kids where they can sing along and practice new words related to jobs and professions.

Now, let’s download this printable by clicking the image, and let’s start learning naturally in a fun way! 

Jobs Printable Activities