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What animal families does your little one know? There are cat families, with mama cat and the kittens; also dog families, with mama dog and the puppies, and we have also bird families, which you’ll find in these animals printable activities!

Printable worksheets are great way for the little ones to practice a new language and to improve motor skills, especially at a young age! Through coloring, they start learning the different shapes, the colors names, and they also start making very useful word associations. These associations will shape the knowledge the little ones have about the world as they grow up, enriching their learning experience.

This printable has different English learning activities to make children’s experiences more fun! They will find here several drawings related to the topic at hand such as: feather, egg, mama bird, baby bird, nest and worm. All these drawings come with its name written below, so the little ones can trace the words practicing writing skills as well as spelling in English.

Using these same drawings provided in the worksheets, there are some other activities that can be put into practice to reinforce the lesson: ask your little one if he or she has seen a feather, and then explain that birds have feather which are very light and help them fly. You can also talk about how birds are born from eggs that mama bird hatches until the baby bird is ready to be born. Has your little one seen a nest? Talk about how nest are build, straw by straw by the birds so the eggs can rest there until the babies are born. You could also mention that baby birds eat worms that mama birds collect for specially for them. With this approach, your little one will learn new vocabulary in English at the same time that learns useful information about animals and animal families.

In this printable you’ll also find several songs in English for kids to practice with your little ones, such as “ Five Little Ducks ” by Lingokids, which talks about a family of ducks -mama duck and its ducklings- that go for a swim on a lake, and “The Green Grass Grows All Around”, both of which titles have a clickable link that directs to the video so you and your little one can read the lyrics of each song, and also sing it along!

Let’s start practicing this topic with your little ones while having fun with these worksheets in English for kids !

Animals Printable Activities