Prepositions: under, next to, between, after

Printable activities could be a great asset in children education. When learning the prepositions, it's advisable to teach them separately, this way it'll be easier for young learners to comprehend and memorice the concepts. Here you'll find some printable activities about the prepositions "under", "next to", "between" and "after" for your little ones to practice as they have fun. 

First, you'll find a colouring exercise where the little ones can let their creativity flow, as they colour the images of Ricky Racoon. Then, they can practice writing the prepositions of place in English by tracing the words below the images. 

Next, there are some useful day-to-day expressions in English using prepositions to practice with your little one such as "Let’s build a snowman next to the tree!" or maybe "Sit between your Mommy and Daddy.", which will be helpful to introduce new vocabulary naturally. 

All these activities and exercises are complemented with songs, book recommendations and extra content related to the topic that you can also find in the printable. 

Find the colouring sheet and exercises about prepositions by clicking here and let's have some fun while learning! 

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