Prepositions: behind, in, inside, on, over, up

Learning the prepositions in English is an important step in a child's learning process. In these prepositions printable activities you'll find some useful information to practice with your little ones some of the prepositions of place such as 'behind', 'in', 'inside', 'on', 'over' and 'up'. 

These  printable activities about prepositions  have lots of fun elements for kids to learn the correct spelling of these prepositions of place and their use, including images of Ricky Racoon illustrating these concepts, this way children will easily see when Ricky Racoon is behind the house or inside the house.  

You'll also find phrases related to the topic to use with your little ones in different scenarios, like saying "Don't forget to wash behind your ears" when they're taking a bath, or maybe asking "Where is your doll?" as you organise the toys before going to bed. All the exercises here are complemented with songs, book recommendations and other activities also included in the printable. 

Find the colouring sheet and exercises by clicking here and let's have some fun while learning!

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Topics: Prepositions