Opposites Printable Activities: Bedroom Objects

¡Practice can make perfection! And, for sure, practice doesn't need to be boring! Printable activities are a great option to practice a subject, have fun and be creative at the same time. Here you'll find some useful worksheets to learn opposites related to the bedroomthrough pictures, writing, songs and activities for your little ones. 

First, your little ones will be able to put their creative minds to work as they colour the images depicting several pairs of items but with a opposite characteristics such as: empty - full, big - small, or dirty - clean. This way, as they paint, they'll visualise what these adjectives mean and will also comprehend that one is the opposite of the other. They'll also have the opportunity to practice opposite words, as they trace them once they finish the pictures. Remember to encourage your little ones to learn new words by describing the items they've painted. 

After this, you'll find several useful phrases about opposites adjectives to use with your little ones on a daily basis, like saying "Is your cup of milk empty? Let’s fill it up!" during breakfast, or saying "Lights out! It’s bedtime." when they go to bed. Using the newly learnt words in common phrases is a great way to practice them! 

You'll also find some recommended songs, children books and fun activities to check out with your little ones about opposites on this printable. 

Here you'll find printable activities to practice opposites adjectives with your children!

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