Fruits Printable Activities

Different types of learning can give different types of results! Learning through printable activities is really helpful for children, since they put to practice the knowledge they acquire by reading, playing and singing songs. Here you'll find some printable activities about fruits for your little ones!

In this printable, your little ones can practice their colouring skills as well as their writing skills, as they paint the fruits and then trace these fruits names in English. This way, your children can learn more about colours and also practice their vocabulary. As they colour, ask them which one is their favourite fruit from the list. It could be also a good idea to help them describe the fruit! Is it round? Does it taste sweet? What colours does it have? 

After this, you'll find several useful phrases to practice with your little ones on a daily basis. "Let's make a fruit salad!" or "Do you want apple juice or orange juice?", with these, children will be able to express themselves as they practice fruits names and related vocabulary. You'll also find additional content such as songs and books related to this topic. 

Here you'll find printable activities to practice fruit names in English with your children!

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