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Learning about farm animals can be done in several different ways, maybe listening to some awesome children's songs or by going to the farm to interact with them. However, it's always recommended to use all types of learning tips available to enhance kids' skills. Printable activities are a great way for kids to master their writing skills while they're having fun.

In this farm animals printable you'll find a picture dictionary with some farm animal drawings for kids to colour, each one with its name below so they can also practice writing and spelling the farm animal names

You'll also find a list of useful phrases about farm animals in English to practice with your little one, which will also help widen the vocabulary. 

All the exercises here are complemented with songs, book recommendations and other activities related to the topic also included in the printable.

Find the colouring sheet and exercises by clicking here and let's have some fun while learning!

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Topics: Animals

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