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It’s time to go to school! Is your little one ready to get back into the classroom? Are they excited to go to English class? It is important for a young student to feel prepared every day as he or she heads off to school to learn about new people, places, animals, and ideas. The best way to prepare children is to teach them that going to school and learning can be fun! What else does your little one need? Why, school supplies of course! Does your child know how to talk about the things he or she uses at school in English? Let’s expand our English vocabulary!

In the video, Teacher Meredith is inside a classroom! Her friends Lisa and Elliot are there, too! Teacher Meredith brought some things that we use at school. What school supplies did she bring? A bag, a pencil, some crayons, and a book . Encourage your child to say each word after Teacher Meredith. Ask him or her if they use any of those items when they are at school. Which one is their favorite? Look at Teacher Meredith’s classroom. Can they describe the shapes and colors that they see? Does your child know the names of other classroom items? How about a pen or a notebook?

What does your child do to prepare for school? What school supplies do they think about bringing with them when? As kids go back to school each year, they begin to take on more and more responsibility for their learning. This includes studying on their own, organizing their books in their backpacks, remembering what school supplies they need, and even making their lunches by themselves! At home, create small ways for your child to participate in the process of getting ready for school. This can help kids feel prepared to learn English, math, and other subjects, while also helping them build their confidence and become more independent. Let’s watch the video and learn the names of school supplies in English !