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Learning colors is an easy and fun way for kids to practice English. It is important for a child to be able to identify colors. Understanding and recognizing colors serves as the basis of cognitive functioning and lays the foundations for conceptual thinking abilities during childhood development. When they are young, kids rely on visual clues to understand the world around them. As they start to learn colors, they can begin describing what they see. Some of the first adjectives children use are colors! Does your child know Rainbow colors name in English? Does he or she know that apples are red and that the sky is blue?

In the video, Teacher Meredith draws a rainbow! She uses red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet . Then she asks us about our favorite colors! Encourage your child to repeat each colors name in English after Teacher Meredith. Help him or her draw a rainbow on a sheet of paper. After saying all of the rainbow colors, ask your little one, "What color do you like?" Tell your child to show you other items in the house that are the same color.

Whether you’re shopping at the store or playing in the park, encourage your child to use adjective words to describe their surroundings. At home, ask your children about the colors of his or her favorite toys. Then, talk about the color of their favorite food, clothes, and animals. After a while, they will learn color is everywhere! Not only will they be more aware of what they will see, but they can also practice expressing observations and making visual comparisons. For children who are just starting to learn English, color names are a perfect place to begin. C’mon, let’s watch the video and learn about the colors of the rainbow!