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Learning an animal’s name in English is a fun way for kids to talk about animals they like and to think about the natural world around them. As they learn more about natural environments, they will notice that animals live in different places. Some creatures live in the hot jungle and others can survive in the dry desert. But not every animal likes the heat! What about animals that live in the arctic? Let’s talk about arctic animals! For kids, this is a great introduction to other environments and different parts of the world!

In the video, take a trip to the North Pole with Teacher Meredith to learn about arctic animals. What baby animals does Meredith find? She finds a polar bear, a penguin, a seal, a fox, and a hare. Ask your child what color the animals are. Are the colors light or dark? You can explain to your little one that in a cold polar region, animals try to stay warm and blend in with the snow around them. 

Encourage your child to talk about what else they notice. Do the animals have fur? Look at the polar bear! He has fur! Ask your child to think about a polar bear habitat. Where does he live? How is it different from where a lion lives? As kids learn more about nature, make a wild animal’s name list. Every time they learn a new animal, put it on the list! If it lives in a cold environment, write it in blue. If it lives in a hot environment, write it in red. When your child looks at the animal's name list, they will remember that some creatures like to live in hot places, while others like the cold too. C’mon! Let’s watch the video and go a North Pole adventure with Teacher Meredith!