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Talking about body parts for kids can help them be more aware of their bodies. When it comes to learning about body parts in English , your little ones probably already know how to say head, shoulders, knees, and toes… but do they know the parts of the face? Learning about the face in English is a fun way to help them understand feelings. Does your child know that our mouths smile when we’re happy? Or that our eyes close when we’re sleepy? Talking about human body parts can also be fun. Just look at Teacher Meredith!

In this video, watch as Teacher Meredith teaches us about parts of the face. But something silly happens when she talks about her nose, ears, eyes, and mouth. While your children are repeating each vocabulary word, have them point to that part of their face. If it is easy for them to say the names of face parts, introduce sentences for them to practice such as “This is my nose” or “I touch my ears.” Let them practice these sentences with other another body part’s name such as “I touch my knee.”

Learning about the human face can start conversations with your little one about emotions and how we feel. On a piece of paper, write “My Face” and tell your child to draw his or her face several times. Instruct them to draw one face with a frown and another with a smile. Then, tell them to draw themselves when they feel silly, ill, and worried. When they are finished, ask how the faces are different. For a more active way to learn a body part’s name in English, play a game in which you say a part of the face and your little one has to put his or her finger on it. Go faster and faster! Games and activities such as these can make learning fun and entertaining! Ok, let’s watch the video and learn about parts of the face !