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It is very important for kids to learn adjectives in English . With adjectives, your child can describe the world around them. As they learn about animals, try new foods, and go on adventures they will notice how things are different from each other. Learning opposite words in English can help your little one talk about the differences they see.

Watch the video to learn the opposite words: big, small, empty, full, clean, dirty. You can use opposite adjectives everywhere! 

-At the zoo, the opposite of a big elephant is a small mouse. 

-In the kitchen, what happens after you drink a full glass of milk? The glass is empty! 

-At home, Mommy throws a dirty diaper away and uses a clean one. 

Using opposites is easy and fun! Where else can you talk about opposites? What opposites do you see?

These opposite words for kids are a great way to help children learn vocabulary and encourage their natural curiosity about things they see each day. Your child will have so much fun looking at their surroundings and describing the ways that things are different. OK! Let’s watch the video to learn more about opposites from Teacher Meredith!