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La la la la la la! Let’s talk about music! Every child knows that where there’s music, there’s fun! When we hear music, we sing, dance, and have a great time! Music makes everyone happy! But what do we use to make music? Instruments of course! Does your child have a favorite song? Can he or she identify the instruments in it? Do they know the names of the musical instruments in English ? One way to learn English vocabulary for musical instruments is through playing games! 

In this video, Cowy goes off on an adventure to the sea and plays a game! She has to find the right instrument. She looks for a piano , a guitar, a flute , drums , and a violin . Encourage your children to repeat these vocabulary words. Then, have them play the game with Cowy! Can they pick the correct instrument from the ocean? Play the game several times to familiarize your child with the vocabulary. Does your child play any of these instruments? Ask him or her which instrument looks the most fun to play! 

At home, play music for your children. Put on their favorite song or other songs that are familiar to them. Let them practice identifying the instruments they hear. Next time they hear one of these songs, they will already start to think of the new English words they’ve learned! To learn more English vocabulary, check out the other fun Lingokids songs! Alright! Let’s the watch the video and learn about musical instruments!


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