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Everyone gets ill! Sometimes our little ones just don’t feel well. It’s important for kids to know how to use medical vocabulary in English . Adding these words to their vocabulary will get them to start thinking about all the ways that they can take care of themselves. Do they know how to stay warm in winter? Have you talked about why it’s important to wash your hands? Does your child know what to do when he or she isn’t feeling well? Make a doctor’s appointment of course! Learning what to talk about at the doctor’s is a great way to expand your child’s English vocabulary and talk about health.

In the video, Teacher Meredith is sick and it looks like her friends are, too. What’s wrong? Teacher Meredith teaches us about the chicken pox , a fever , a runny nose , a cough , and a sore throat . Encourage your child to repeat the words after Teacher Meredith. Then ask your child if they’ve ever had a runny nose. What did they do to feel better? Have they ever had a cough? Tell them to take a look at the video. Ask them why Cowie has red dots on his face. Did they notice the thermometer in Lisa’s mouth? Do they know what it’s used for?

At home, talk about ways to stay healthy with your child. Explain that sometimes an illness can be treated at home and sometimes it needs the special care of a doctor. As kids grow, they’ll learn more ways to take responsibility for their health. And who knows? Maybe they’ll even want to be a doctor or nurse someday!