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Is your little one hungry for something to eat? Let’s learn about food! Everyone has a favorite food. Does your child know how to talk about their favorite food in English? As your kids get older, they can start to help out in the kitchen!

Letting your children watch or help while you’re cooking a meal is a fun way to teach them how to follow directions. It can also teach them how to share with others. Plus, it’s a great time to practice food vocabulary. Can your child say the names of fruits in English ? Can he or she talk about what they had for breakfast and lunch? Help your little one’s vocabulary grow as they practice talking about food in English!

In this video, Teacher Meredith is in the kitchen making a dinner for her friends. What’s in the dish? Teacher Meredith cooks a dish with tomatoes, broccoli, shrimp, and a mushroom! Tell your child to repeat the words after Teacher Meredith. Then, what does Teacher Meredith do next? She puts all the ingredients in the pan to cook! When it’s finished, she serves the food on a plate. Mmmm! It looks delicious! Ask your child if he or she likes any of the foods Teacher Meredith used in her dish. Then, tell them to count how many plates Meredith has. Do your children know how to make their favorite food? Ask if they would like to share their favorite food with their friends just like Teacher Meredith!

What other food words does your child know? Each time you go to the store, find one new food item that your little one doesn’t know in English. This can be a fun way for them to learn new vocabulary words about the foods they see. Ok! Let’s watch the video and learn how to say food names in English !