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Our family members are so important to us! For children who already know how to say “Mum” and “Dad,” learning other family vocabulary in English is a great next step! Ask your kids to think about your family and to count each family member. Do they know how many people are in your family? Do they have a sister or a brother? How about any pets? Kids can expand their vocabulary by talking about the people that they know and love!

Watch the video to learn with Teacher Emma and to meet Cowy’s grandmother and grandfather .
Teacher Emma shows us a family picture. Who’s in the photo? Her mum, Anna! Who else? Her little brother, Joe. Practice spelling Anna’s and Joe’s names with your child. Then, it’s time to meet Cowy’s grandpa and grandma! As they are introduced in the game, encourage your child to repeat the vocabulary words.

You can help your child explore their family relationship with their grandparents! Talking about grandparents is a great way to learn about family history. Find an old picture of your child’s grandparents and tell them to describe the picture using other English words. Ask them what things in the picture look different from the things we see today. Are the clothes different? Do they see a computer or phone? Next time your children see their grandparents, encourage them to ask their grandma and grandpa questions about the past. Learning about our families can be fun! Let’s watch the video and learn how to use English words to describe our family!


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