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Why is it important to learn descriptive adjectives ? They help us talk about color, shape, and size. Talking about size is a great way for kids to describe objects that they see in school, around the home, or outside when they are playing with their friends. What size is that pencil on the desk? Is the refrigerator small? How big is the soccer ball?

Watch the video to learn about two descriptive words that you can use to talk about size: big and small. Cowie the cow, Billy the chick, and Lisa the kitten all go to a birthday party on a sunny day. They each want to wear a birthday hat so that they can celebrate. But what size do they want? Come and help them find the hats they need so that they will look great for the party. When it's your child's birthday, you can make big and small hats to give to their friends, too!

Can you find another big object in your house? Do you see something small? Big and small are two of the most important adjectives in English. As kids grow and change, their idea of what is big and small will change, too! That chair won’t seem so big and their favorite teddy bear might even look small! You can always use these two common adjectives to make comparisons and understand size. So let’s watch the video and learn how to talk about big and small things in English!