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Shapes are everywhere around us! For our little ones, learning shapes establishes the foundations for many other cognitive skills such as reading, problem-solving, and categorizing. When your little ones build with blocks or help you pick out apples on a trip to the supermarket, they start to understand the shapes that make up the world around them. Can your children say shape’s names in English? For young learners who are looking to start building an English vocabulary, practicing the names of basic shapes is a great place to begin.

In the video, Teacher Meredith is making a house out of shapes! She uses a square, a rectangle, and a circle. Encourage your children to repeat each word after Teacher Meredith. Then tell them to watch how Meredith is drawing shapes. On a piece of paper, help your child draw a house made out of shapes just like Teacher Meredith’s. Ask them what other shapes they can add to the house. Can they count how many circles are in their picture? How about rectangles? They can practice their number vocabulary words too!

Each time your child learns a shape, find an example of it around your home. Shapes, for kids, can be fun to learn when they see the ways that shapes are all around them. The box of cereal is a rectangle. The middle of the flower is a circle. You can even play a game! Tell your child that they have one minute to find a circle and a rectangle. You can play shape finding games at home, in the park, or in the car. Activities and games will make learning English words and improving your child’s vocabulary more fun! Watch the video with Teacher Meredith to build a house made out of shapes!