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What are some great vocabulary words to teach a young English learner? Why, shape’s names, of course! Learning shapes is great for cognitive development, as it helps children recognize numbers, letters, and other characteristics of objects. As kids learn basic shapes , they also learn to look at the world around them more closely. Do they see rectangles in the house? Or circles at the park? As children begin to understand the ways that shapes are all around us, they can add shape names to their English vocabulary. Then, they can see how English words are a part of their everyday lives, too!

In the video Cowy, Lisa, and Billy are at a birthday party. Inside the piñata, there are lots of treats and sweets. Now, we must help our friends find the right piece of candy! Lisa wants a heart lollipop. Billy wants a piece of candy. It’s a circle! Lisa has a square piece of cake. Finally, Cowy eats a triangle sandwich. Encourage your children to repeat the words they hear. When the watch the video again. Ask if they can see any other shapes at the birthday party. How about the square in the tablecloth? Or Lisa’s triangle hat?

Drawing shapes is a great way to help kids practice the names and forms of basic shapes. On a piece of paper, tell your little one to draw a happy face using only shapes. For more advanced learners, cut out shapes and arrange them into patterns. Have your children complete the patterns and then make up some of their own. When they tell you the pattern, have them tell you using their new shape vocabulary words. Learning shapes for kids can be fun. Let’s go to a birthday party with Cowy and her friends to learn about shapes!