At the Laundry

We love when our little ones are active... even if it means that we have to do some laundry later! Interactive games, outdoor play, and art projects can be a fun way for children to learn and express themselves. But what happens when paint gets spilled on a shirt? Or shorts get covered in mud? That means it’s time to clean clothes so that we can wear them again! Does your child know how to talk about clothes in English? Can he or she describe the clothes that certain activities require? Doing the laundry is an easy chore kids can do around the house. While they are helping, they can learn to take care of their things and also expand their clothes vocabulary.

In the video, Cowy is cleaning some dirty clothes! Cowy puts dresses, a coat, pants, socks, and a scarf in the washing machine. Then what does Cowy put in the machine? Bar Soap! After everything is clean, it’s time to hang up the clothes. Cowy notices that some are wrinkly and uses an iron right away. Encourage your child to repeat the word for each new piece of clothing that Cowy puts in the machine. With Cowy’s video, laundry chores might even sound fun! Ask your little one to look at his or her clothes. What is he or she wearing? Do these items need to be cleaned or ironed? If so, go to the laundry room and talk about where the washing machine and the iron are kept. Let your child know that you can do what Cowy does, too!

If children are old enough, they can try washing and ironing their own clothes! If they are still very young, they can help hang up or even fold small items. Then when they get dressed in the morning with clean clothes, they will feel proud for helping! Let’s watch the video to learn about cleaning clothes with Cowy!

Topics: Clothes

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