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The alphabet is the foundation of the English language. Speaking, communicating, writing, and reading all start with knowing alphabet letters . The English alphabet has 26 unique letters that each have their own special shape and sound. We start by teaching the alphabet for kids to understand how words are formed. Once children can recognize letters and the sounds that they make, they can begin to spell words and develop their own sentences. What’s the first word we learn to spell with letters? Our names! Does your child know how to spell his or her name?

Spelling is an important part of learning the alphabet, it helps with reading since it connects the letters with its sounds, but it's not an easy task to manage. Its importance goes way beyond childhood. It is known that a good foundation on spelling leads to a better fluency while speaking, improved reading skills and comprehension, and a better chance of being a proficient speaker in the future.

Learning how to spell with the English alphabet is a process that can start at a young age. For young learners, this process must be adapted to make the experience fun, fresh and enjoyable. Even though there are lots of activities that can be done, deciding where to start can be overwhelming! The best way for children to start is by learning how to spell their names.

In this video, Teacher Emma will teach you how to spell her name one letter at a time, E - M - M - A. Encourage your child to say the letters out loud with Emma and practice alphabet sounds. Now it's their turn! Help them write their name on a piece of paper, letter by letter, and try to spell it. What do the letters look like? Do they look like Emma’s letters? You can make the letters into pictures, too! Count how many letters are in your name.