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Tools are almost as ancient as humanity, and they have played a great part in the evolution of mankind. From building carriages to big aqueducts, they have helped shape the world as we know it. This is the main reason why it's so important to introduce this topic to the little ones, both for native English learners as for children learning English as a second language. Even though there is a myriad of activities that both parents and teachers can use to enrichen the little ones learning experience, like books, educational apps, songs, videos, worksheets, or games; using workshops and hands-on activities can be also great ways to help them get some extra vocabulary practice as they learn the importance and diverse uses of tools. Through these, the little ones can get to know the tools names in English, as they have fun with practical activities.

What are tools?

A tool is an instrument that a person holds in the hands, and that is meant to be used for different purposes, like when building a structure like a bed, a table, or even for more complex projects like bridges, buildings or cars. There are many distinct types of tools that adapt to the project at hand, these can be known by a variety of names like “instrument”, “device” or “implement”, even though each one of these names refers to the same type of item. Tools are definitely the big helpers of many professionals and craftsmen all over the world.

After tools were invented, the world as a whole changed: living arrangements got better, since constructions had more quality due to better building techniques, also creating new items and better utensils became easier and more affordable than before, and all of this lead to a great deal of improvement in many fields: construction, science, transport, and it even improved how communication across the world worked. 

Given that tools are used in many varied disciplines, they can be classified according to their functions, like the ones used for cutting and edging, or tools made especially for moving items, or even measuring tools. But not all instruments are so simple, nowadays there are also many mechanical tools that are powered by electricity and that are used for specialized work.

List of tools

Tools come in many shapes, sizes, and types. Most of the times, each tool is made especially for a particular task. Tools can be classified mainly in two different ways, first, according to the type of work they're made for, and second according to the way they're powered. There are carpentry tools, also instruments made to work with metals, and even very specialized tools created to work with precious stones and jewelry. Now, according to how they are powered, we can find the most ancient type and the most common one as well: hand tools, or the most modern which are mechanical tools.

Let's take a look a the different tools we can find in these two main categories.

Hand tools list

These are the tools that are powered by hand, it means they don't run on electricity, they rely on people to operate them. This type of tools is the most ancient one. Here you'll find the main hand tools, including the carpenter tools names and also some mechanical tools.


Saw - Tools names


Hammer - Tools Names


Cultivator - Tools Names


Rake - Tools Names


Ladder - Tools Names


File - Tools Names


Gloves - Tools Names


Wheelbarrow - Tools Names






hand drill





bolt cutter

box cutter







tape measure


Allen key

Power tools

Power tools are instruments that aren't just handled by a person, they need an additional power source to function, whether it is electrical power or compressed air. Given the many different uses these type of tools have, they can be small enough to be portable devices, or they can also be big machines that tend to be stationary because of their size. Let's take a look at the most common ones of these.


heat gun


circular saw

nail gun




diamond tool


lawn mower

pneumatic torque wrench

table saw


Learning about tools can be a great thing for the little ones. By participating in workshops and hands-on activities, children are able to acquire new vocabulary, but also get to learn essential skills for life as they build simple structures by themselves. Apart from this, participating in group workshops is a great way for the little ones to learn about teamwork, patience, and how hard work can lead to great results.

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