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It’s easy to know the most common animals such as birds, dogs, cats, and even cows… But, does your child know what animals roam in the wild? The Animals Safari Song is the perfect way for your little one to learn more about some of the wild animals that inhabit the world!

Children are usually drawn to animals of all kinds! From the little ones like squirrels or rabbits, that frequently awaken the need to take care of them, to the big ones like elephants or whales, that spark a child’s curiosity; children love to learn their sounds, characteristics, and habitats.

In this nursery song in English, your child will live an adventure on the savannah as they get to spot a few animals while going on a safari and, also, as they get to practice the animals' names in English !.

What animals can your child spot?

It’s a bright and shiny day in the savannah! As the adventure begins, a black leopard can be spotted behind some bushes before crossing the terrain several times. Black leopards are big cats that run very fast! As we move closer to the bushes, it turns out that there’s no black leopard in sight, instead, it’s Lisa the Cat!

Then, we get to see some flamingoes enjoying the sun in the fresh waters of a lake. A flamingo is a big bird with long legs, a black beak, and pink feathers. Once again, as we get closer to the flamingoes we can see Billy! And he’s wearing a flamingo beak!

Next, we move back, deep into the wild, where a warthog can be spotted behind the trees and the bushes. These big animals from the savannah have large tusks and a distinctive crest that runs along their back. Finally, we can see the warthog closer… but, oh no!, It’s Cowy the Cow!

Finally, we go into a swamp! There, we can spot several hippopotami calmly resting in the water. A hippopotamus is a large mammal that enjoys the water, it has a big jaw and funny little ears! As we get a closer look at these lovely animals, we can see no other than Elliot, who’s disguised as one of the hippopotami!

Clearly, all the friends were trying to pretend they were wild animals on the safari!

As you and your little one sing this song for kids in English, take a look at the video and spot the different animals in the wild. Take advantage of this opportunity and ask your little one which animal they like most! Sing the lyrics along and practice pronunciation in English,

Then, after you’ve watched the video a few times, ask your child “What other animals can you see in the video?”. There are a few extra wild animals there! Can your child see the elephant? What about the lion? Or maybe they can see the buffalo?

You can pause the video and then play with your child as you identify the name of the rest of the animals. Help your child find the cheetah, the vulture, the zebra, the giraffe, the antelope, the gorilla, the monkey, and the b!

As an extra activity, you and your child can play pretending to be the animals in the video. Try to stand like a flamingo, or maybe run like a black leopard! This is a great opportunity to improve your child’s motor skills as they learn more vocabulary in English.

Finally, you can use this song to practice determiners in English with your child, especially the use of the indefinite articles in sentences such as “I think I see a black leopard” or learn the use of pronouns in English while singing “Let’s pretend we’re wild animals on the safari!

Now, let’s sing a song about wild animals!

Animals Safari Song Lyrics

I think I see a black leopard. I think I see a black leopard.
I think I see a black leopard.
No! That’s Lisa!

I think I see a flamingo. I think I see a flamingo.
I think I see a flamingo.
No! That’s Billy!

Let’s pretend we’re wild animals on the safari!

I think I see a warthog. I think I see a warthog.
I think I see a warthog.
No! That’s Cowy!

I think I see a hippopotamus. I think I see a hippopotamus.
I think I see a hippopotamus.
No! That’s Elliot!

Let’s pretend we’re wild animals on the safari!

A black leopard, a flamingo, a warthog, and a hippopotamus…