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Run and jump, walk and sing, and climb a wall! Children’s days are filled with exciting actions that help them grow happy and healthy, and which also allow them to continue learning new things every day. For the little ones, each experience represents an opportunity to acquire new knowledge, that’s why learning topics that might be difficult for them through singing and dancing could be such a great idea. Through the “This is the Way Song”, children can start practicing action words in English in a playful way.

Action verbs, like the name states, represent the different actions carried by a subject, whether they’re physical actions like seeing, falling or eating, but also more abstract occurrences like thinking or learning. Through action words, a person can communicate what their doing now, or maybe what they have done in the past, or even the future plans they might have. These dynamic verbs -how they are also called- are very important for speech, but they are way too many to learn all at once!

For the youngest English learners, and especially for the ESL students, starting with the basic action verbs might be the best way to go. Learning different words as they practice them, for example, by singing nursery rhymes for kids , helps retain the vocabulary better, and turns the learning process into an engaging activity.

In this lovely children’s song, the little ones will be able to follow Lisa the Cat, Billy the Chick, Cowy the Cow, Elliot the Panda, and Bobby the Dog in a fun adventure, as they perform different activities in the nature, during the lovely Spring weather. First, we can see Lisa. She is running and jumping through the meadow,with Billy flying right by her side! Then, you can see Cowy walking on the grass, she looks very relaxed. In the meanwhile, Elliot sings a beautiful song up in a stage, but… wait! He’s using a flower as a microphone! Next, a lovely little bee comes out of the sunflower and takes us to Lisa, who is happily playing with a ball against a wall. Suddenly, the ball goes flying above the wall! And it ends up next to a climbing wall where Bobby is laughing and enjoying himself while climbing, even though he goat next to him is a way better climber than himself.

This nursery rhyme is a perfect way for the youngest children to learn the most common action verbs in English naturally. Sing along with your little ones as you read the lyrics to also practice new vocabulary in English. This song for kids is also perfect to perform the actions words described in it, so the little ones can start associating these words with their meanings.

Now, let’s have some fun while singing to this tune!

“This is the Way” Lyrics

This is the way we run and jump.
Run and jump. Run and jump.
This is the way we run and jump.
Up and over a stump.

This is the way we walk and sing.
Walk and sing. Walk and sing.
This is the way we walk and sing.
All through the spring.

This is the way we throw a ball.
Throw a ball. Throw a ball.
This is the way we throw a ball.
Up against the wall.

This is the way we climb a wall.
Climb a wall. Climb a wall.
This is the way we climb a wall.
Hope we never fall.

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