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As children develop and grow, it is crucial for them to learn the names of colors. Doing so can stimulate higher-level thinking processes and help kids understand more about their environment. Plus, everyone has a favorite color! Can your child say the name of his or her favorite color In English? For little ones who are just beginning to learn English, color words can be a great way to get them to talk about all the objects they see daily. When they learn color names, they can practice saying the colors of fruits, animals, clothes, toys, and more!

By learning a color’s name in English, kids will become more comfortable using adjective words. As they grow older, this can give them the confidence to use other adjectives as they make observations, talk about their likes and dislikes, and describe their surroundings. But first, let’s start with a song that will help us learn colors!

Watch the video and sing along with Cowy the Rainbow color song! Cowy dances and sings as she teaches us the colors of the rainbow. Encourage your child to sing and dance, too! Of all the rainbow colors Cowy has, which one is your little one’s favorite? With a song like this, learning colors in English couldn’t be easier! C’mon, let’s sing

Rainbow Colors Song (Lyrics)

(Listen and sing!)

Red and yellow and green and blue,
Rainbow colors for me and you!

Colors for me,
Colors for you,
Rainbow colors for me and you.

Red and yellow and green and blue,
Rainbow colors for me and you!

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