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How much do your little ones know about dinosaurs? Surely they know that some of them were very big, and some of them could fly, and also, that all of them went extinct a long, long time ago! Dinosaurs are a common favorite topic for most children, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise: these amazing creatures were intriguing! They were very different from animals today, and also their physical appearances were distinct from one to another. With the “Little Dinosaurssong your little ones will learn a bit more about these interesting prehistoric animals.

Dinosaurs lived over 200 million years ago and through several time periods, and they were the first ones to roam the earth, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that everyone loves talking and learning about them, given that they’re part of everyone’s history. Since they were scattered around the globe, dinosaurs had distinct characteristics based on where they live, and even what dinosaurs ate was a matter of distinction between the species: most of them were herbivores, some of them were carnivores, and just a few of them were omnivores.

However, why is it important to learn about this? From the early ages, children can benefit from learning about dinosaurs since this topic is a great introduction to science for kids and, also, it’s a nice way to learn about different animals and the world history in general. How can we make this lesson more engaging to the little ones of the house? Through children’ songs!

With this song, your little ones will be able to catch a glimpse of different dinosaurs and their habitat in a way suited for the youngest of the house. At the beginning, we see three little dinosaurs walking on a line through a swamp during one day, then on the second day only two dinosaurs were seen walking, and then, on the third day, there was only one dinosaur on the swamp, after finally, no other dinosaurs remain! The little ones will get to learn various physical traits for each one of these dinos through the lyrics: one had a big tail, one had big feet, and the other a big nose. They will also get to learn a bit about fossils, when they take a look at the footprint one of them left on the ground. Finally, your little ones can practice the numbers from one to three, and also some basic math skills as they subtract one dinosaur each day

After you sing the song once, there are a couple of exercises you can practice with your little ones to reinforce the lesson. Ask them: Which dinosaur had big feed?, or maybe Which dinosaur had a big tail? You can also talk about their habitat and practice some extra vocabulary in English, like: What is the pink dinosaur doing? It’s flying., or Where are the dinosaurs swimming? They’re swimming in a pond. Another exercise you can try using this nursery rhyme is to practice descriptive adjectives with your little ones, Which dinosaur is taller?, or Which dinosaur is shorter?

Now, let’s start to learn about these amazing creatures with this great song for kids.

“Little Dinosaurs” Song

Three dinosaurs went out one day,
Through the swamp and far away.
One dinosaur had a great big tail.
He led the others along the trail.

Two dinosaurs went out one day,
Through the swamp and far away.
One dinosaur had three big toes
One dinosaur had a great big nose.

One dinosaur went out to play.
Through the swamp and far away.
One dinosaur had great big feet.
He tried to find some plants to eat.

No dinosaurs are left to play.
Through the swamp and far away.
They left footprints and so we know
They all lived a long time ago.