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“Itsy Bitsy Spider” Lyrics

The itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout.
Down came the rain
And washed the spider out.
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain
And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again

About the Song

The “Itsy Bitsy Spider” is the perfect song for pre-school children! It’s a classic rhyme that’s catchy and easy for them to learn.

This old-timey nursery rhyme has been around for quite some time, and even though it is believed to have started in 1910 as a song for adults, a few changes on its lyrics turned it into one of kids favorites songs.

In the video, your little one will get to learn more about the story of the itsy bitsy spider as it goes on an adventure in the garden! As three young kittens are playing around in the leaves, a small black spider appears. It has big eyes and eight agile legs.

The spider had one thing in mind: to go up the waterspout that’s outside the house. To its surprise, as it starts climbing, the weather quickly changes and it starts raining. Finally, the rain washes the poor spider out!

As soon as the rain stopped and everything was dry again, the spider tried one more time to go up the waterspout… However, the same thing happened and the rain washed it out again! This time the poor spider fell in a puddle of mud.

The kittens, unable to help the spider, had their umbrellas out as they watch the spider try again and again until finally, the spider made it to the roof! Great job!

How can you make the best out of this children’s song?

Once you and your little one have sung the song a few times, you can watch the video and practice the vocabulary! It could be a great opportunity to talk about animals in English and to practice weather vocabulary as well.

Additionally, this song is an excellent way to start introducing naturally prepositions in English . You can talk about how the rain falls down, how the spider goes up the waterspout, and how it comes right out after the rain starts falling.

However, the biggest appeal of this song is the Itsy Bitsy Spider fingerplay! This classic tune is usually accompanied by a fun game that consist of different finger movements mimicking the spider's adventures which help the youngest work on their cognitive and motor skills.

Also, this song is a great way to teach children about perseverance. Just as the little spider never gave up, your little one can learn that with hard work they can achieve all their goals. It’s just a matter of keeping a good attitude and to keep trying!

Now, it’s time to have fun with this cute spider song for kids!

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