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Life in the artic is a mystery for many: cold weather, lots of snow, pine trees, and igloos. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? In the song “Itsy Bitsy Snowman ”, your child will get to know more about life in the snow as he or she practices prepositions of place in a harmonious way.

Prepositions are essential in the English language. They help us talk about different objects and persons and explain the connection between them. This, of course, helps speech take form. Without prepositions, it would be very difficult to know what a person is trying to express.

This nursery rhyme in English is perfect for children to practice three of the most common prepositions of place in English : inside , next to , and under . These are used to talk about the placement of an object or a person according to its relationship to another object or person.

In the company of a very particular snowman that will serve as a guide, your child will find more about this topic while traveling through the north. The snowman is special, even though that it is quite small, it has a big head! The tour starts at the snowman’s house: it lives in an igloo!

Does your child know what’s an igloo ? You can explain to him or her that igloos are dome-shaped houses that are typically made of blocks of ice or solid snow, just like the snowman!

After we catch a glimpse of our friend at the house, it goes out to take a stroll on a sled , but right then the sun comes out! The snowman looks for shelter inside a hut , where the warmth of the rays of sunlight can’t reach it. After this, he stands next to a big pine tree that provides lots of shade. Lastly, it finds a bit of an odd spot to protect itself from the Sun: under the moose !

The adventures of this itsy bitsy snowman are great a way to introduce prepositions of place to the younger students. They are so much fun and they have a catchy tune that they will love! When singing, check out the video as well to make sure your little one associates the spoken words and the images he or she sees. This will help them learn the meaning of these prepositions.

Take advantage of this song to practice some English vocabulary about the weather . Explain that snow is white and it’s formed by small snowflakes made of ice, and it’s usually found in places with cold weather during the winter . As time passes, the Earth keeps moving and spring comes along, then the warmth from the Sun melts the snow. That’s why the snowman needs to protect itself!

Additionally, this could be a nice opportunity to start learning the name of some vehicles and means of transportation . The snowman has a sled , this type of vehicle is perfect for places with snowy and icy terrains.

To make your child’s learning experience is even better, don’t be afraid to make questions in English regarding the content you can see of the video. You can ask “What color is the moose? ” or “How many legs does the moose have? ”, these are great to start working on their cognitive abilities and also to learn the numbers from one to ten and also to practice the colors in English .

Since this song is very short and the lyrics are quite simple, it’s perfect for the younger learners as well. Repeat the song as many times as you like and have a great time singing and dancing with your child!

“Itsy Bitsy Snowman” Lyrics

One, two, three, four...
The itsy bitsy snowman with a big head,
he lives in an igloo and rides a sled.
The itsy bitsy snowman is made of snow,
and when the sun comes out, he has to go!
There he goes!

Inside the hut…
next to the tree…
under the moose!…
don’t you see?

Good Bye, Itsy Bitsy Snowman.
See you next winter!