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Ah, nature! Everyone enjoys spending quality time surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors. This is why gardens are so important! They help people relax and get in touch with nature. The song “In the Garden” is great to learn more about these special places in a fun, rhythmic way!

What can a child learn from gardening?

One of the main lessons that gardening can teach a child is how to be responsible since they’ll learn to take care of plants as they watch them grow. This also sparks a child’s understanding of nature and they start to relate causes and effects, for example, by learning that if a plant doesn’t have water, it won’t grow.

Additionally, working in the garden helps a child with self-confidence, and can also be a great opportunity to encourage teamwork and cooperation. Plus, it’s a great physical activity that will also strengthen their minds.

This song for kids about gardening is perfect to start instilling the love for nature from a young age. In the song, your child will accompany Lisa the Cat in an adventure in the garden of her house.

First, Lisa can be seen inside her house. She’s probably planning to have a fun day taking care of the garden! Next, she steps outside to start her work. Lisa has many gardening tools, so she takes a trowel and digs a hole. Then, she puts the seeds inside the hole, them covers and waters them. From those seeds, a plant will grow.

Lisa knows that plants take time to grow, so she has to wait. After some time passes, she goes to the garden once again, and she sees a beautiful flower ! She decides to plant more seeds, and after a while flowers are all over the garden! It’s such a beautiful sight!

As you sing this song with your little one, he or she will learn more about the basics of gardening! Repeat the lyrics of the song several times and practice the words in it to enhance and improve vocabulary in English and to practice pronouns in English and prepositions as well.

Once your child has mastered the song’s lyrics, maybe it’s time to practice a few more words, but this time by looking at the video! Ask your little one what animals can he or she spot in the video? Is there an ant? What about a spider? You can mention that these animals are often found in gardens and nature.

Also, practice describing the elements that appear in the video, like the white picket fence , the big tree with yellow fruits , the grass , the house’s window , and the door . You can continue practicing questions in English by asking about these common household items.

Have lots of fun with this song and prepare for your own gardening adventure with your little one!

“In the Garden” Lyrics:

I open the door. Open the door.
And I step outside. And I step outside.
Into my garden. Into my garden.
See my garden. Love my garden.

I take a trowel. Take a trowel.
And I dig a hole. And I dig a hole.
In my garden. In my garden.
See my garden. Love my garden.

I take the seeds. I cover them up.
I water those seeds just right and wait…
and wait and wait and wait…

’Til I open the door. Open the door.
And I step outside. And I step outside.
I see a flower. I see a flower.
In my garden. Love my garden.

I take more seeds. I dig more holes.
I water those seeds and wait…
and wait, and wait and wait and wait…

’Til I open the door. Open the door.
And I step outside. And I step outside.
It’s full of flowers. It’s full of flowers.
In my garden. In my garden.