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Does your little one know how to recycle? Recycling is very important for the planet, it helps keeping the cities clean and giving a new use to the products that people no longer need. This is why it’s so essential to start learning about recycling from a young age. The sooner children start learning about recycling, the better, since later in life it will come naturally for them to take care of the environment.

But, how can you start teaching this valuable lesson to your little one? It’s simple, through music! Music is the perfect way for children to acquire new knowledge. Most songs for kids are catchy and have tunes that they will easily remember, which in turn will make learning the lyrics of these songs more simple. With this song about how to recycle, your little one will start learning this important concept in an friendly way, while practicing some words in English.

This super simple song will reinforce two of the most important concepts about recycling: what kind of wastes there are, and also, what to do with them. Your child will learn that there are four different types of things that can be easily recycled: paper, glass, plastic, and food. These types of waste going into different trash cans or bins, since the process for recycling them is quite different. Also, your little one will learn words like bin, recycling, and pick up, which are directly related to the topic.

Once your little one has mastered the lyrics of this lovely song in English for kids, you can try adding a new level of difficulty by talking in English about the different items that appear on the video. For example, you can ask your little one “What color is the paper bin?”, or “Where do you put the glass?”. Encourage your little one to answer in English as well so you can practice pronunciation in this language. Also, make sure to explain what the compost bin is, and mention that it’s a special recycling bin to put the food waste, which is more natural, unlike plastic, glass, or paper.

Finally, you can even try naming the different types of waste you can see on the video. This will help your little one identify why each one of those go into their specific trash cans. Ask your child “What kind of item did Lisa the Cat and picked up and put in the glass bin?” Of course, it was a glass bottle! Bottles made of glass go into the green bin. And, what kind of waste product did the friends put in the compost bin? It was an apple core! Apples are food, and of course go in the brown bin.

Once you have finished watching the video and singing this nursery rhyme, you can keep practicing with your little one while listening to another song for children about recycling, this is “A Tisket, A Tasket ”, in which your little one will have the opportunity to further learn about this topic while dancing and singing.

“How to recycle?” Lyrics:

Pick up paper and put it in,
put it in, put it in.
Pick up paper and put it in.
In the recycling bin.

Pick up glass and put it in,
put it in, put it in.
Pick up glass and put it in.
In the recycling bin.

Pick up plastic and put it in,
put it in, put it in.
Pick up plastic and put it in.
In the recycling bin.

Pick up food and put it in,
put it in, put it in.
Pick up food and put it in.
In the compost bin.