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It’s important for children to learn about animals that live on a farm. As they grow older, they might start to wonder where we get our food and other materials that we use every day. All around the world farm animals give us cheese, milk, eggs, and meat. Does your little one know where eggs come from? Does he or she know the animal’s name in English? The best way to remember the names of farm animals is with a farm animals song!

In this video, take a trip to the farm with Teacher Meredith! What animals does she see? She found a horse, a pig, and a hen! Encourage your child to sing along with Teacher Meredith. Tell them to them to look at the pig! What color is it? Ask your child if they have ever seen a pig. What about a horse? Is a horse big or small? Use adjectives your child knows to describe the animals.

At home, make a farm animals name list in English. Talk about teaching an animal. What do we use from each animal? What food comes from a cow? Do we wear clothes made from the wool of a sheep? Where does cheese come from? When you go to the store, tell your child to think about the animal's names list. Do they see any foods from animals on the list? As kids start to realize the importance of animals in daily life, they can also learn to take care of the environment and respect the natural world around them. It’s time to sing! Let’s spend a day on the farm and learn farm animals in English.

Lyrics "Farm animals Song"

A horse is on the farm,

a horse is on the farm,

hi-ho, a derry-o,

a horse is on the farm.

A pig is on the farm,

a pig is on the farm,

Hi-ho, a derry-o,

a pig is on the farm.

A hen is on the farm

A hen is on the farm,

Hi-ho, a derry-o,

a hen is on the farm.