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Let’s talk about what we’re wearing! Kids know that every day, we put on clothes to go to school or to go play. As they grow older, kids start to learn that we can wear different clothes. Children recognize that pijamas are clothes we wear when we sleep. They understand that we must wear shoes when we play outside. The clothes we wear can also change with the seasons! Does your little one know that you can wear dresses in the summer, but you must wear a coat in winter? As kids begin to learn about clothes in English, they can also start to notice more about their environment. When it’s warm outside, they know they can wear a shirt! If it’s cold, they learn that wearing socks can help keep them warm. How can children expand their clothes vocabulary? With a song, of course!

In the video, Teacher Meredith is with her friends, Lisa and Bobby. Teacher Meredith says that Lisa is a wearing a pink dress and that Bobby is wearing a blue coat. Then, Teacher Meredith tells us she’s wearing a grey shirt. Watch the video several times and encourage your child to sing along. At the end, Teacher Meredith asks us what we are wearing! Does your little one know what color his or her shirt is? Ask your child to describe it. Then add it to the song! Talk about why your child is wearing certain clothes. Ask if it’s hot today or if it’s cold.

Do you help your child get dressed in the morning? Before he or she puts on clothes, tell them to think about the weather and what clothes they will need. This can encourage children to think ahead and be prepared for their day. When they are older, they will be able to think about the future all by themselves. C’mon! Let’s sing the clothes song with Teacher Meredith!

Clothes vocabulary song (Lyrics)

She’s wearing a pink dress,
A pink dress,
A pink dress.
She’s wearing a pink dress.

How about him?

He’s wearing a blue coat,
A blue coat,
A blue coat.
He’s wearing a blue coat.

How about me?

I’m wearing a gray shirt,
A gray shirt,
A gray shirt.
I’m wearing a gray shirt.

How about you?