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Establishing daily routines is really important for children’s development. They help them stay organized, get things done, and also have a sense of normalcy and security in their lives. During their early years, children go through constant changes as they learn new things every day. Those constant changes can be overwhelming, and having some routines can help children fight any stress or fear of change they might have. Setting up bathroom routines should be a fundamental part of children’s upbringing, and with this fun song, you’ll be able to make this easier for your little one.

There are several personal hygiene routines that people perform throughout the day. This song shows a day in the life of Lisa the Cat, Elliot the Panda, Billy the Chick, and Cowy the Cow, as they perform the different routines to keep themselves clean from the moment they wake up, until when it’s time to go to bed.

In this song for children, your child will take a look at some of the most important hygiene routines to do in the bathroom. First, you will see that Elliot has already woken up, and he is brushing his hair. Of course, this is a great first step to start the day! Next, Billy is seen washing his face, a very important thing to do in order to feel fresh and re-energized. After, Cowy shows us what she does every time before she eats: she washes her hands! This is a great, healthy habit. Moving on, it’s now evening, so it’s time for Billy to take a bath. Now, Elliot, who has also taken a bath, is drying his hair. Finally, is bedtime! At this moment, Cowy and Lisa get ready to go to sleep.

These healthy habits are great for kids, and the sooner they start learning them, the better! Not only because they help them stay healthy and clean, but because as they learn to establish their own bathroom routine, they get to acquire some extra skills that will prove helpful in the future. Children who can take care of themselves from an early age tend to be more confident, and have more patience in general. You can help your little one become more independent as well, first teaching him or her about the different routines there are as you sing to the tune of this children’s song, so they can see how to perform them, and then slowly allow him or her to carry these tasks on their own.

As an extra practice, you can read the lyrics of the song along with your child, this way he or she will be able to broaden their vocabulary in English as they learn some good like skills. Now, let’s sing!

“Bathroom Routine” Song Lyrics:

In the morning I brush my hair,
brush my hair, brush my hair.
In the morning I brush my hair,
in the morning.

In the morning I wash my face,
wash my face, wash my face.
In the morning I wash my face,
in the morning.

Before I eat I wash my hands,
wash my hands, wash my hands.
Before I eat I wash my hands.
Before I eat. (yum!)

In the evening I take a bath,
take a bath, take a bath,
In the evening I take a bath.
In the evening.

In the evening I dry my hair,
dry my hair, dry my hair.
In the evening I dry my hair.
In the evening.

At bedtime, I go to sleep,
go to sleep, go to sleep.
At bedtime, I go to sleep.
Say good night!

(Good night! ¡Buenas Noches!)