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Classic nursery rhymes are amazing! They’re fun, playful and suited for children of all ages, and also, they are one of the greatest assets to start introducing children to many different important topics, like recycling! But, how can you learn about recycling through a song? With this lovely version of the classic “A Tisket, A Tasket” the little ones will learn about this important topic in a natural way!

“A Tisket, A Tasket”, the original version, is a song composed in the late nineteenth century that was later recorded by the renowned singer Ella Fitzgerald, who gave it her harmonious voice and personal feel and turned it into a classic children’s song. The playfulness of the song has turned it also into a children’s rhyming game, where the lyrics might change to bring a new variant that makes up a new game.

In this version, the little ones will accompany Lisa as she’s doing some serious cleaning on the street. While she’s cleaning, she spots different items that were thrown on the street and picks them up with the intention to put them in the correct recycling bin according to the type of item they are. First, she spots a plastic bottle, and she puts it in the bin that’s meant for recycling plastic, which is yellow. After, she spots an old glass bottle and throws it in the green bin, where glass goes. Then, she sees a piece of paper, which goes into the blue bin and puts it there. Finally, she spots an old cracker, that she promptly places on the big brown compost bin that holds organic waste.

By going on this adventure with Lisa the Cat, the little ones will learn about the main materials that can be recycled, like plastic, glass, paper and organic materials. It would be a great idea to further practice this topic with your little ones by playing games at home, sorting different items into the correct bins, and identifying the materials that are consumed at home. Do your children drink milk? If so, does it come in a plastic bottle or in a cardboard package? It’s also helpful to explain that the bins used for recycling are of different colors to make the sorting process easier, and also, that these colors can change from city to city.

Why is this topic important for children? Recycling is great for the environment, it helps us take care of the planet and of all the people, animals and plants that inhabit it, so it’s a lesson that all children should learn from an early age. Make sure to let your little ones know that recycling in the household might seem like a small gesture, but it makes a huge difference. The trick to make this lesson relevant to the little ones is to make it enjoyable! But, how? Use games, music for children, and art projects as teaching tools to put to practice with your children.

Now, as you and your little one finish singing and dance to this lovely song for kids, get crafty! You can get different used materials at home to create art projects and new games. Also, encourage your little ones to make their own song about recycling by adding some extra verses to this nursery rhyme.

“A Tisket A Tasket” Lyrics

A tisket a tasket.
I saw a piece of plastic.
I picked it up. I tossed it in.
A big and yellow recycling bin.

A wittle a wattle.
I saw an old glass bottle.
I picked it up. I tossed it in.
A big and green recycling bin.

A dipper a daper.
I saw a piece of paper.
I picked it up. I tossed it in.
A big and blue recycling bin.

A tricker a tracker.
I saw an old stale cracker.
I picked it up. I tossed it in.
A big and brown compost bin.