Numbers are the foundation for completing and understanding different math problems. As children grow up, their education broadens and numbers play a big part on how their education develops. By learning the numbers, children can understand simple math concepts from a young age, which causes a great impact on their confidence in their math skills. This confidence paves the way for a more easy-going learning process in the future.

The main step is to teach kids how to identify the first ten numerals (0 through 9), teaching them the sounds of numbers in English and also how to write the numbers. This learning process might be a bit difficult but also very rewarding, since kids need to put different skills in practice to differentiate some numbers from others, e.g. number 6 from number 9, which are quite close in appearance, they are not only learning math but developing other important skills as well. After this, it becomes easier to start teaching the little ones the amount that each numeral represents. This knowledge is essential for children going to school. During lessons they can be asked to cut six circle shapes on a cardboard, or maybe tell them to ask one question to a classmate, simple instructions they will easily comprehend.

As children grow up, it's be very useful to help them  learn the concepts of cardinal numbers and ordinal numbers as well. Explain the difference between these two categories and also when and how to use each one, this will be helpful not only in school, but for their day-to-day life as well. 

Now, let's start learning! 

Numbers in words from 0 to 9

These are also called cardinal numbers. Since they express quantity, they are mainly used when counting in English. Cardinal numbers have many uses, among those are: talk about a person's age, sharing phone numbers, or telling someone in which year you were born. 

0 - zero

0 - Numbers Topic

1 - one  

1 - Numbers Topic

2 - two

2 - Numbers Topic

3 - three

3 - Numbers Topic

4 - four

4 - Numbers Topic

5 - five

5 - Numbers Topic

6 - six

6 - Numbers Topic

7 - seven

7 - Numbers Topic

8 - eight

8- Numbers Topic

9 - nine

9 - Numbers Topic

Numbers in words from 10 to 19

10 - ten

 11 - eleven

12 - twelve

13 - thirteen

14 - fourteen

15 - fifteen

16 - sixteen

17 - seventeen

18 - eighteen

19 - nineteen

Numbers in words from 20 to 100

20 - twenty

21 - twenty-one

22 - twenty-two

23 - twenty-three

24 - twenty-four

25 - twenty-five

26 - twenty-six

27 - twenty-seven

28 - twenty-eight

29 - twenty-nine

30 - thirty

40 - forty

50 - fifty

60 - sixty

70 - seventy

80 - eighty

90 - ninety

100 - one hundred

Ordinal Numbers 

Ordinal numbers are used to talk about positions or sequences, and also they have a very important use: to talk about dates in the calendar, like birthdays or other important events. 

1st - first 

2nd - second

3rd - third

4th - fourth

5th - fifth 

6th - sixth

7th - seventh

8th - eighth

9th - ninth 

10th - tenth

11th - eleventh

12th - twelfth 

13th - thirteenth

14th - fourteenth

15th - fifteenth

16th - sixteenth

17th - seventeenth

18th - eighteenth

19th - nineteenth

20th - twentieth 

21st - twenty-first 

22nd - twenty-second

23rd - twenty-third 

30th - thirtieth 

40th - fortieth

50th - fiftieth 

60th - sixtieth 

70th - seventieth 

80th - eightieth 

90th - ninetieth 

100th - hundredth 


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