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Going to the doctor - At the doctors1. A fun trip to the doctor: Going to the doctor doesn't need to be boring! Children usually become anxious or scared before going to the doctor, but try to make a fun adventure out of your little one's next doctor's appointment by playing games on your way there. You could try asking him or her about body parts vocabulary by mentioning common illnesses names in English and asking your little one to which part of the body is that illness related. 

Playing doctor - At the doctors2. Play doctors: Children's imagination is endless! This is something that could be a great advantage when practicing at the doctor's vocabulary. During playtime, tell your little one you're going to open your own medical practice! Grab the stuffed animals, and tell your little one they will be the patients, and he or she will be the doctor. Encourage your little one to use At the doctor's phrases and vocabulary in English such as "How do you feel?" as he or she plays. 

At the doctors3. At the Doctor's! Once you arrive at the doctor's appointment, encourage your little one to say the name in English of the things he recognizes, like "Nurse", "Doctor", "Hospital", and also to make descriptions in English about these. Ask questions like "What color is the nurse's hair?", this way, you'll be able to practice as much vocabulary as you can and your little one won't be as anxious during the appointment!