Activities to practise giving directions

Town - Giving directions- Build a town! For this activity you'll need some construction blocks or toys. The objective is to build your own small neighbourhood using these objects as some known buildings (restaurant, hospital, house, school, supermarket, etc.). When your neighbourhood is ready, ask your little one to grab a toy car and play following the directions to go to one building to another. With this fun game, your child will have the time to practise giving directions, and to learn more vocabulary at the same time in a fun way! 

Train - Train Ride Game: Ask all the family to make a train! Ask everyone stands in line holding onto each other, then, ask your little one to stand in front of the line to be the conductor. Following your directions (e.g. turn left, turn right, go straight) your child is supposed to give directions in English to get you to the chosen place inside the house. This activity is perfect to practise during dinner time, or maybe on the weekends! It's a fun game to play with family while learning! 

Map - Giving directions- Running around town: For this activity you will need to print out a map or, you and your little one could make your own map with your favourite places! Then, assign a starting point on the map. Next, ask your little one to tell you the directions in English to go from the starting point to the new location. It could be helpful to make some flashcards with the directions vocabulary, it will help your little one learn the spelling of the words. This is a great way to practice giving directions vocabulary and also town vocabulary.