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Picking up the toys - Activities to learn about toys 1. Clean up 🐻 : Make that boring Sunday routine educational and fun. Pick up all the toys from the floor and all over the house and put them at their right place. As you do, repeat the toys names in English. House chores don't need to be boring! 

Toys corner - Activities to learn about toys 2. Set up a play corner ⚽ : If you don't already have a playroom, you could improvise one in some cozy corner of your house. Put a colorful mat and a basket full of toys. Set up a play date with your little one and have fun for hours. Make up stories about every toy and, as you play, repeat the toys names in English.

Gift shopping - Activities to learn about toys 3. Pick up a present together 🔫 : Does a friend of your child has an upcoming birthday? Or maybe you just want to buy some new toy for your little one? Go to your favorite toy store and as you stroll through aisles and look at the shelves tell your kid the English names of all the toys they set their eyes on.

English app for kids - Activities to learn about toys

4. English learning app 📱: Take some rest from playing and running around and get comfortable on the couch with your smartphone or tablet. The Lingokids English for Kids appwill help your child learn all the necessary toy vocabulary through fun games, activities and songs! 

Memory card game - Activities to learn about toys5. Memory cards 🃏 : Print images of some toys (two of each) with their English names written below and cut them in squares. Put them in rows, facing down and turn over any two cards on each turn. If the cards match - keep them, if they don't, then turn them back over. Whoever matches the cards first wins! If your kids feel extra crafty and creative, tell them to draw and color the toys by themselves.

Movie night - Activities to learn about toys6. Movies 🎬 : You can learn about toys on a weekend night, wrapped up in a warm blanket with a cup of tea or hot cocoa. Movie night is definitely a great night! 

Songs - Activities to learn about toys 7. Songs 🎶 : Bring the fun to the next level with songs about toys! Listen to songs when you play with your little one, or while they learn to clean up their toys, or basically anytime you want!