1. Cookies with shapes 🍪 - Cooking with your children is always a fun time in the kitchen! Get the cookie dough ready and make cookies in different shapes. As you make a cookie in certain shape, repeat the shape's name. Who doesn't love learning while making sweets?

2. Shape sort 🔵 - Make big shapes (circle, square, triangle and rectangle) on the carpet with a duct tape. Take a box and put various items from the house with those shapes and have your child sort them in the corresponding shapes on the floor.

3. Fishing for shapes 🐠 - Cut out fish forms from colorful sheets of paper and draw different shapes on them. Take a stick and  tie a string on it, then in the string tie a piece of magnet and have your little ones start ''fishing''. When they get a fish they should say the shape that's on it.

4. Educational app 📱 - Lingokids' app is perfect for kids who want to learn while having fun. There are tons of activities for them to learn the shapes and practice them. 

5. Books 📚 - There are many books that would help your child learn the shapes. Some of our favorites include: ''Color Zoo'' by Lois Ehlert, ''Shapes, Shapes, Shapes'' by Tana Hoban, ''Circus Shapes'' by Stuart J. Murphy and Edward Miller. We have previously shared some tips about how to teach a child to read in English, so these books are the perfect way to work on the reading skills too.

6. Walk on shapes 🔺 - Draw big shapes on a big piece of art paper and tape it to the floor. Get your child to walk from the beginning to the end only stepping on a particular shape.

7. Cloud shapes ☁ - Kids love spending time outdoors. You can try to use those times while the little ones are resting from running around, and tell them to take a look at the clouds and say what shapes do the clouds have.

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