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Tree - Seasons of the year1. The season tree: Print out or draw and color a tree with all of its branches, but without any leaves or fruits. Then smaller pieces of paper, print out or draw and color leaves of different colors such as green, orange and brown. You can also print out colorful flowers, snowflakes, and fruits. After explaining the different seasons to your child, you should tell your child a season and they should decorate the tree according to that season. For example, if you say “autumn ,” the tree should have brown and orange leaves (and maybe some on the ground). If the season is winter , the tree could have snowflakes on it, but shouldn’t have any leaves.

Sweater - Clothes vocabulary2. What do I wear? Go with your child to the closet and take out some items that your child wears throughout the year (for example sweaters, shorts, skirts, T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, coats, and swimsuits). If you prefer, you can print the Lingokids worksheets about clothing . Then cut out circles of the following colors: orange, red, light blue and a darker blue. The red and orange colors will mean warm and hot weather, while the blue shades will mean cool and cold weather. After reviewing the four seasons , let your child place each circle depending on the color and the piece of clothing. For example, they should place the dark blue circle on the coat, meaning it should be worn during really cold weather. The light blue circles should be placed on top of pieces such as long-sleeve shirts and light jackets. The red circles should be placed on top of shorts and swimsuits. The orange circles could go with T-shirts or dresses. This way your child will be able to identify and relate what they normally wear depending on the weather and the season.