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Matching - Numbers1. Match pictures with numbers: On little pieces of paper print or write the numbers from 1 to 10 as one part of the puzzle, and then print or draw a corresponding amount of animals/objects as the other part of the puzzle. Have your child match the numbers with the pictures by asking, for example ''How many dogs can you see on this picture?''.

Numbers2. Trace the numbers: The best way to learn to recognize and write the numbers is to trace their shape. On the  Lingokids app ,  among many other activities and songs about numbers, there's a perfect activity for tracing the numbers. It will have your child practicing them all the time, and it will take no time for them to learn how to write them! 

Rsz Shutterstock 859877833. Hopscotch: The time machine hasn't been invented yet, but hopscotch will definitely take you back in time! All you'll need is chalk and a little object to toss (a little rock, shell or maybe a bottle cap). Draw the hopscotch diagram (like the one on the image) and start playing, while repeating the numbers in English as you toss the stone. 

Dominoes4. Make dominoes cookies: Cookie-making is the yummiest and fun way to learn to count in English . Make a cookie dough of your choice and make rectangle shaped cookies (just like dominoes). Take some mini M&Ms to create the domino dots and count them as you add them on the dough!