Activities to learn the months of the year

Calendar- 1. Make your own calendar! Grab a blank poster board and divide it in twelve equal squares. Write in the top part of each square the name of a month, in order, then encourage your child to make a drawing related to an important event for each month, e.g., a christmas tree for December, or carved Halloween pumpkins for October. You can also use stickers to mark important dates on your calendar, such as birthdays or special events for your child.

Months of the year worksheet 2. Circle of time : Draw a big circle on a piece of cardboard, divide it in twelve equal parts, like when you're cutting a pizza. Paint each part of a different colour and then write the numbers from 1 to 12 on each part, in order, starting from the top. Now, cut twelve rectangles of paper and write the names of the months, one month for each piece of paper. Ask your kid to place the months names in the correct order on the circle. This activity will help them learn both the names and the order of the months in a year.