Activities to learn the days of the week

Kids begin to get acquainted to time concepts during their early childhood, but in elementary school it is important for them to master the knowledge about the days of the week. That's why it's imperative to start working on these concepts from a young age with the help of games, songs and activities that capture their attention efficiently and make the learning process much more fun. 

1. Week roulette! Draw a roulette with the names of the days of the week on a cardboard. With this game, kids should focus on learning the idea of "yesterday" and "tomorrow". We should then proceed to ask the kid: What day is today? What day will be tomorrow? And what day was yesterday?  Through this game, your child will be able to learn and become familiar with the concepts of time and to learn the different days of the week in relation to each other. 

2. The train: Draw or print out a train like the one shown below. On each wagon, the little ones should write the days of the week in chronological order. This way, they will be able to comprehend the order of the days of the week and understand the seven days as one whole week.

 days of the week in english

1. Calendar: To help your child become familiar with the days of the week, you can get a calendar in English and place it in their room. Then, make sure to spend some time every day with your little ones and talk about which day is it and also talk about the different activities that you do on specific days, for example laundry on Thursdays. If your children are old enough, you can start making plans for each day with them and let them organize these themselves.