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I Spy1. I spy 👁 - Put a little twist on one of the most popular English game for kids. Instead of asking your little one to find an object that starts with a certain letter, say ''I spy with my little eye something blue''. It will have them guessing which object from the room you have in mind.

Coloring Books2. Coloring books 🎨 - An obvious one here! There are so many different types of coloring books or worksheets that you can choose from, based on what you consider your child would learn the most from. We think the descriptive coloring books that have short stories are the best ones since they engage kids and encourage them to put some color on the pages, making them part of the story. 

Dance - Activities to learn prepositions3. Songs 🎼 - Turn up the volume! You can find many English songs for kids about colors, but make sure to include ''Cowy's Color Song '' in your playlist - it's our personal favorite!

English app for kids - Activities to learn about toys 4. Educational apps 📱 - We're pretty sure that educational apps that contain tons of games will be your child's favorite way of learning about colors in English . In the Lingokids' app, under the topic ''Colors'', you will find many games that are easy, fun and educational.