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1. Animal cards:  Print out cards with pictures of different animals and below the pictures write the name of your little one, your family members or friends. Next, cut the cards vertically so that you separate each letter of the name making a sort of mini puzzle from the image of the animal. Learn to spell the names as you put the puzzle together. The visuals will make it easier for your child to learn the order of the letters on each name. Also, to mix things up, try some words too - your child's favorite food or some everyday objects.

A - Alphabet in English2. Trace the letter:   There are tons of traceable activities in Lingokids' app to help your kids learn to recognize the letters and also learn how to write them with these fun exercises. It's a great way to practice writing in an enjoyable way. Tell your child to follow the line until the letter shape is completed. After this, an image of an element which name starts with the same letter will appear on the screen, in order to further practice the phonics.

Uppercase letters - Alphabet

3. Learn uppercase letters: Now that your child has learned the lowercase letters on the Lingokids' app, make cards with fruit basket shapes for each letter of the English alphabet and write down the uppercase letters. Make 26 cards shaped like apples and write down the lowercase letters on them, one for each card. Start "apple picking" and match every letter with its uppercase pair.